Walking and Talking.
There is no better way to ‘know’ a landscape than by walking. Therefore as part of the ongoing “When Science meets Art” project we invited a series of individuals who have long-standing relationships and specific knowledge of the environment in which the Bundanon Trust is situated.

The central concept of these psycho-geographies is that they are informal, unconstrained and designed by each individual.

Here is the invitation:-

Thank you so much for agreeing to participate in our project which is developing a digital portrait of the landscape and history of the Bundanon Trust. Your contribution will help create a novel way of thinking about the social, cultural and ecological aspects of the area, based on individual insights and stories.

The process is very simple. We would like you to devise a walking route in and around the Trust properties which has a special significance to you and which is composed of approximately seven locations (Points of Interest) at which we can stop whilst you recount a brief story, an anecdote or history which will be audio-recorded and some general location photographs made. We will also track each individual walk (with GPS) as we will re-trace the route, at a later date, to make ariel movies and take additional photographs.

Your individual walk can be themed around any topic and should focus on aspects of the landscape or history of the site that have a special meaning or resonance for you. We would also like to ask that you draw a mud-map of your particular route showing the stopping points and place it within the overall context Bundanon Trust property.  Ideally the mud-map should be drawn from memory (rather than traced from a published map) and may be annotated in any way you desire.

Mary’s Walk.

Tim’s Walk

Diego Walk

Trevor Walk